Nature’s Greetings!

In the midst of our long winter, a tiny flicker of an idea appeared. Over the past year, I’ve posted thoughts and ideas on my website each month that were in tune with the current season. I’ve included information about what’s going on in nature, as well as local activities in the Newark, DE area. I’ve decided it’s time to take the next step and start an actual blog!

I’ve always been enthralled by nature, reveling in how it makes me feel. I’ve been known to dance in the rain, enjoy honeysuckle nectar (much to the chagrin of my mom who freaked out that I had eaten something outside), stop dead in my tracks to watch a bird soaring, brake suddenly to avoid hitting a squirrel (tailgaters – you’ve been warned), and relish the colors of a sunset.

My path has brought me to become a Teacher-Naturalist, the best job I’ve ever had. I also have had the privilege of becoming a Reiki Master and am currently training to become an Herbalist. I’ve always known that nature is a great healer, and am so honored to be able to pull my passions together in one package and am looking forward to creating the next steps of this journey!

I would love if you would follow along with me, keeping up with local nature happenings and indulging my spirit-speak.

In Love and Light,



About earthgrl

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Reiki Master posts her observations, musings, and hard-earned wisdom about the natural world and how it speaks to our spirit and heals us, inside and out.
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2 Responses to Nature’s Greetings!

  1. Cheryl Hill says:

    It’s wonderful that you started a blog! I look forward to your postings ;-D

  2. Darlene says:

    I look forward to future postings.

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