Water is Life

Water is life. Plain and simple, here on planet earth, no water means no life.

The waters of our world are all connected. Small streams and creeks connect to bigger ones, bigger streams connect to rivers, rivers run to the ocean, and the oceans are all connected. The water cycle keeps it all in balance, replenishing and removing water as needed. Every living thing on earth requires water. Everything.

Being in a “civilized” nation, we get water from our taps in our homes, or often, from plastic water bottles. We don’t usually think about where it comes from. Well, guess what? Those streams and rivers provide the water for our reservoirs. Everything we do to the land around those streams and rivers and reservoirs impacts our water supply. Run off from roads, farms, our yards, litter, and salt and other chemicals laid on our roads for winter weather all end up in local water, not to mention the chemicals (like medications) we put in our bodies that become waste and are believed to be cleaned from the water during the sanitation process. (They’re not).

Humans have a greater impact on our planet than any other creature. We have surely decimated some ecosystems, animals, and plant life. But I know humans are better than we have been behaving, and I challenge you to be aware of YOUR connection to the very water we all need to live.

I am asking that you remember your connection to water. Feel it in your body. The blood that flows through you, carrying oxygen and nutrients to all your tissues and organs, is made from water. The fluids that line your joints and allow you to move are made from water. Your brain is well lubricated, and…well, you get the picture.

Remember your connection…when you drink something (most beverages start with water as a base), think just for a second where it came from. Allow yourself to be grateful for that drink and its source. Feel how it quenches your thirst, lubricating your throat, refueling your tissues and organs so your body can fully function. Without water, you could not live.

If you would like to go a step further, picture a local stream, pond, river, or ocean. Say a simple “thank you” for that life-giving liquid, and picture that water source as healthy, clear, and pure.

To connect even more, be aware of the damage we have done to our environment and it’s effect on the water quality. But instead of holding onto this image of damage, acknowledge that the actions of humans have been thoughtless, but we are changing, starting right now. Allow yourself to feel your own renewed connection to water. Feel how it courses through your body, giving you life. Be grateful. When it rains, be grateful. When you pass a puddle or stream or pond or river or ocean, be grateful. This life-giving water is a gift – accept it with respect and grace.

Remember the water. Water is life; your life, the lives of the people and animals you love, the food you need to survive, the very fabric of life here on earth. We can bring our waters back to health by starting with the simple step of being grateful for this amazing gift. Our polluted waters impact the water in our bodies. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. We can heal our world, and our bodies too. The first step of this journey is recognizing that we are all connected, and what we do to one, we do to all.

Love & Light,



About earthgrl

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Reiki Master posts her observations, musings, and hard-earned wisdom about the natural world and how it speaks to our spirit and heals us, inside and out.
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