Spirit Speak

The title reflects the content of this blog, so if references to God or the Divine do not resonate with you, you may want to skip reading this one.

The past week has been a roller coaster ride of illness, an amazing group meditation experience, a mix of beautiful and crappy weather, and a rough ride spiritually speaking.

I have always been a deeply spiritual person, with several portions of my life dedicated to a specific religion. But ultimately, I’ve found my true place of spiritual oneness in the arms of nature. This is where I see evidence of the Divine. There are no head games, there is no ego in the trees, the plants do not tease you, and the earth is simply happy to have you walk and rest upon it. There is no judgment in nature. There is no pretending, and I never return from a hike feeling worse than when I went out. It renews my spirit, and I feel like I’m a better person after I’ve been outside. If fills my heart with joy to see the birds ride the currents, the tadpoles swim in a pond, turtles bask in the sheer delight of the afternoon sun, and to hear the chirps and buzzes of a multitude of insects.

There is no judgment in nature. Everything is part of the web, part of the cycle, and everything takes its role. There is no ego, except the humans who set foot in it. After the past few days, I understand why the place feels like home to me.

Today is Easter, and Christians around the globe are celebrating Jesus’ rise from death and ascension into heaven. It’s still astounding that people persecuted him in the first place. He had a simple message, and they tortured and killed him. He asked people to LOVE. That’s it. He asked people to put aside their egos and use Love to guide their lives. And what happened? He was killed.

It’s 2,000 years later, and I look around the world today and am wondering if we’re any different. Despite the many religions, we’ve still somehow cut off ourselves from the Divine, and forgotten our place in the web of life. Many of our leaders in government, companies, and organizations, including religions, have become so corrupt, we can’t even find the trail of where it started. Where is the Love?

The Divine, which is simply unconditional Love, still speaks to us, if we’re listening. We are supposed to work together. We are supposed to care for one another – we are connected to one another. We each have unique gifts and talents that are intended to share with the greater world, and others have different gifts and talents to share with us so that we can not only survive, but thrive. But it requires us to let go of our ego, which ultimately is a separation from the Divine and is based in fear. We are not meant to be a hermit in the woods, separating ourselves from others. There is no hierarchy – no human or soul is higher or better than another. We are all part of the One, and each part serves a unique and important purpose.

The Divine is not something outside of us. The Divine is a part of each one of us. And we each have a responsibility to listen to that Higher part of us that helps us choose to think, speak and act in Love rather than ego. It’s that little voice inside us, what people call intuition, or a gut feeling, or “I just knew…”. This is the part of the Divine within us. We each have it. We can each access it. It comes from a place of Love, because that is simply what the Divine is. Love.

As we access our piece of the Divine, we can choose to live in a more loving way, and we can also help others. The Divine works in mysterious ways. Sometimes that gut feeling makes us step up and say or do something we would never otherwise do. But we feel driven to call and check in on a relative all of a sudden, or can’t stop thinking about a situation because we’ve just got to do something to change it, or we get nudged to bring something to the attention of a loved one like an addiction or a harmful pattern of behavior. Sometimes our words and actions will feel like blessings to those we interact with, like “I’m so glad you called, how did you know I was sick?”, and then we feel blessed too that we acted on that gut feeling.

Sometimes bringing something to the attention of a loved one like an addiction is not rewarding at the time we step in. It’s uncomfortable, we don’t really want to do it, but we know we have to, because we love them. And in these moments, the Divine is guiding us to bring a message or get their attention so that they can be whole and connected again. And they’re probably going to say they’re fine and don’t need any help, or get angry and say we don’t know what we’re talking about, or say we have some ulterior motive and they don’t need our opinion. And that kind of response leaves us reeling, questioning if we should have ever said something in the first place.

But if that little voice inside keeps nudging you to do something, and it’s coming from a place of love, and it will take courage for you to do because you are concerned about upsetting them and want them to be well, keep listening. Pray. Ask for guidance and imagine you and that person surrounded with Love. You will receive an answer about what to do next. Listen. Love will show the way. If you feel anger or righteousness, then it’s not Love.

If it were me, and my loved ones and friends saw me going down a path that they knew was not in line with who I am, I would want them to listen to that little voice inside them. I might get angry for a bit, I might be in denial, but in the end, I’d know I was loved because they cared enough to do the very difficult job of holding up the mirror for me.

The beauty and challenge of being human is that not only do we carry the Divine within that speaks to us as that little voice, we also have free will. We can choose to listen to that little voice and act on it or not. Sometimes, despite our willingness to act and perhaps be the messenger, the message does not want to be heard. And the recipient always has the free will to hear the message or not.

As I look back on my life, I want to be able to say I gave it my all, I did the best I could and I listened to that inner voice, even when others judged, criticized, or misinterpreted my words or actions. Ideally, I aspire to have the strength of Jesus, who was guided by that inner voice to act in Love every moment and keep moving forward with that message, despite how he was treated. I can only hope I have a piece of that strength to withstand the difficulties as they come.

I’m here as a part of the human race to fill my role in the web of life. As I listen to that inner voice, I play my role and enable others to have the chance to play theirs. Each of us is a piece of the puzzle, and when one of us is missing, the puzzle is incomplete.

Wishing you clarity to hear your inner voice and the strength to follow the Divine guidance as it comes through to you…

Love & Light,



About earthgrl

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Reiki Master posts her observations, musings, and hard-earned wisdom about the natural world and how it speaks to our spirit and heals us, inside and out.
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