Winter Reflections, part 1

The new year naturally brings a time of reflecting on the past and looking forward. We celebrate New Year’s Eve with hopes and resolutions and the desire for better days, and try to move past any pain and disappointment from the previous year.

Unlike humans, the rest of nature did not celebrate the change of year. There was no stopping of time at midnight. Nature kept moving forward as part of the perpetual wheel. Birth and death are a part of every living thing. Nature celebrates every moment, never hurrying, never wishing the next day would come more quickly. One moment at a time is experienced fully, and the last one is released fully with no regrets.

Humans are good at looking forward and planning for the future, and looking back and remembering, but we’re not always so good at being in the present and aware of what’s happening right now. What’s happening right now is what creates the future, and paying attention to it would serve us better.

Winter reminds us to take time inward. It naturally draws us indoors, and our bodies react to low light levels by desiring more rest. It’s a good time to take a page from nature’s book and spend our time a little more quietly. Winter is the downtime, time to recuperate and rejuvenate. The time to do things to nourish and recover ourselves: body, mind and spirit. The time to gently explore who we are and remember our own greatness. The time to shed all that no longer serves us, like last year’s leaves that fell from the trees. This is the time to just BE. Winter is the time to remember how to be fully present.

BEcoming aware of what brings us joy, where our passions lie, and who are the important people in our lives helps us to be in the present moment. When we laugh, what is it that made us laugh and feel joy? When we’re sad, what caused it? Getting to the essence of our BEing, like the bare trees who’ve shed the leaves they no longer need, helps us to live life more authentically, in alignment with who we are. When we do that, life flows and we are happy. We struggle when we are not being ourselves.

If we can learn to move in time with winter, allowing ourselves quiet moments of awareness of what fills our hearts and souls, we can carry that into the busy season, for we have already planted and tended the soil and seeds.

Wishing you the quiet blessings of winter to be your magnificent self!

(And stay tuned for part 2…)

In Love & Light,



About earthgrl

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Reiki Master posts her observations, musings, and hard-earned wisdom about the natural world and how it speaks to our spirit and heals us, inside and out.
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