A Year in the Yard: March Transitions

Mid-March Greetings! It’s been a couple wild weeks around here.

I’ve been anxiously anticipating the arrival of spring, feeling like an arrow nocked in the bow and ready to be released, but held in that tense position as yet another winter storm blew our way. We had a heavy snow last week that started icy, morphed to wet, then finished off as light and fluffy.

Though unwanted, no one could deny it’s beauty. The snow layered on everything in fascinating textures and patterns, lending an artistic flair to the landscape.

Shortly after that snowfall, temperatures rose and the melt began. Water rushed downhill towards streams and was left pooling on the roads. Potholes the size of craters have made themselves evident, leaving the highways an obstacle course to navigate.

Streams are swollen, low-lying areas are minefields of puddles and mud, and color is returning to the land. Crocuses and hyacinths have appeared and trees buds are about ready to burst open. Before we know it, wood frogs and spring peepers will fill the air with their chorus. Allergy season is now upon us and the days seem a little longer and brighter thanks to Daylight Savings Time (though I hate feeling jet-lagged without a great vacation to show for it).

The northern hemisphere is waking from her slumber, with spring peeking out from under winter’s blanket.

It was a good week to get out and about with the warmer temperatures and sunny days. Here are some shots from around the Delaware River and C&D Canal. I almost missed the muskrat shot – we were both startled at our close proximity!

Wings of ice

Wings of ice

Feathered friends

My yard is donning her spring skirt of purple deadnettle and ground ivy, so violets and dandelions can’t be far behind to add to the finery. There are still a few seeds hanging on last year’s bee balm, Echinacea, and Joe-pye weed, so I’ll wait a little longer before I trim everything back so that migrating birds have some sustenance on their journey north.

We’re bound to see a lot happening in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open. Sprouts and blossoms are imminent, mammal babies will soon be making their appearance, insects will be buzzing, and birds will be nesting. The spring serenade has begun and there’s a freshness in the air to relieve us of the stagnation of winter.

Renewal is upon us.

Let us fill our eyes and hearts with the brightening days and welcome in the time of freshness and rebirth. May the coming week bring lightness to your heart and mind as we stretch into spring.

Until next time…

Greeenly blessings,



About earthgrl

Herbalist, Naturalist, and Reiki Master posts her observations, musings, and hard-earned wisdom about the natural world and how it speaks to our spirit and heals us, inside and out.
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